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General inquiries
E: rca@rowingcanada.org | T: 1.877.722.4769 ext. 1

Finance: rcafinances@rowingcanada.org | Media: comm@rowingcanada.org
Coaching: coacheducation@rowingcanada.org

Head Office:

Terry Dillon, Chief Executive Officer                                  tdillon(at)rowingcanada.org
Sid Murdoch, Secretary                                                     rca(at)rowingcanada.org 
Kimberly Bell, Manager, Finance                                      kimbell(at)rowingcanada.org 

High Performance:

Iain Brambell, Director, High Performance                        ibrambell(at)rowingcanada.org
Adam Parfitt, Director, Athlete and Coach Pathways         parfitt(at)rowingcanada.org
Matt Draper, Manager, High Performance Operations       mdraper(at)rowingcanada.org    

Chuck McDiarmid, Coordinator, Development                  cmcdiarmid(at)rowingcanada.org
Michelle Boss, Coordinator, National Team                      mboss(at)rowingcanada.org
Lindsey Brown, Coordinator, National Team                     lbrown(at)rowingcanada.org
(maternity leave)

Sport Development:
Jennifer Fitzpatrick, Director of Partnerships                     jfitzpatrick(at)rowingcanada.org    
and Sport Development

Domestic Programs:

Colleen Miller, Manager, Coach Education                       colleenmiller(at)rowingcanada.org 
and Development                       
Al Morrow, Coordinator, Coach Mentoring                        almorrow(at)rowingcanada.org
and Development