Board of Directors

The RCA Board of Directors' role is to govern RCA by providing leadership and direction in the pursuit of its vision and mission. The Board is elected by the membership of RCA and is accountable to the membership for competent stewardship that will ensure the long-term viability of RCA. The Board of Directors' first duty is to the legal entity CARA. In meeting this duty the Board must ensure that all legal requirements under the relevant Acts are met and that CARA is protected from harmful situations and circumstances in the interests of current and future stakeholders. For more information on the Board's role, please see the RCA Governance Policy.

The Board believes that good corporate governance is vital to the effective and efficient operation of RCA. RCA employs a model of governance that separates governance and management functions, delegating to the CEO the responsibility for managing the operations of RCA in accordance with Board direction and policies, and subject to any limite that may be established by the Board. 

August 3, 2018

Under Section 11 of the RCA By-Laws, the RCA Board of Directors has appointed a Nominating Committee to prepare a list of candidates for the elected offices to be voted on by electronic ballot prior to the 2018 Annual Meeting

The Nominating Committee consists of Andrew Lamont, Chair; Jennifer Walinga, Director at Large; Peter Jackson, Provincial Advisory Council Representative; Tracy Brooks, Member at Large; and Carol Purcer, President of Rowing Canada Aviron, an ex-officio member. The Nominating Committee provides the following report on the positions to be elected at the 2018 Annual Meeting:

PROVINCIAL DIRECTOR, nominated for a term to end at the 2020 Annual Meeting:

  • Under the terms of paragraph 11.4 of the RCA By-Laws, the Nominating Committee shall solicit a nomination put forward by the Provincial Advisory Council (PAC). PAC has confirmed its nominee to this position, Carol Hermansen. Carol is the current Provincial Director of RCA, and has submitted her intent to stand for re-election. The Nominating Committee endorses CAROL HERMANSEN for the position of Provincial Director.

DIRECTOR AT LARGE (2), nominated for a term to end at the 2019 Annual Meeting:

The Nominating Committee conducted an open call for Expressions of Interest. All applications were considered and potential candidates were interviewed to find the most suitable nominees in accordance with the skills expressed in the 2018 Call for Expressions of Interest (posted here). The committee is thankful to all of the individuals that put their names forward for consideration.

As a result of the number of qualified candidates, the Nominating Committee also considered Para 11.5 of the RCA By-laws: “In the case of nominations for the position of Director at Large the Nominating Committee shall use its best efforts to provide at least one more candidate than the number of positions open for election.”

Therefore, for the two positions of Director at Large, 3 candidates were endorsed by the RCA Nominating Committee and are submitted for the Election to be held August 31st to September 19th (candidates are sorted in alphabetical order by last name):

  • Ian Gordon, current Director at Large of RCA, has submitted his intent to stand for re-election.  The Nominating Committee endorses the nomination of IAN GORDON based on his expertise and experience. For further information on this candidate, please review Ian's Candidate Statement and CV.
  • Thomas Hawker, current Director at Large and Treasurer of RCA, has submitted his intent to stand for re-election. The Nominating Committee endorses the nomination of THOMAS HAWKER based on his expertise and experience. For further information on this candidate, please review Tom's Candidate Statement and CV.
  • Heather Holden is a qualified candidate who submitted an expression of interest to the Committee, and has agreed to allow her name to stand for election as RCA Director at Large. The Nominating Committee endorses the nomination of HEATHER HOLDEN based on her expertise and experience. For further information on this candidate, please review Heather's Candidate Statement and CV.


In accordance with paragraph 11.6 of the RCA By-Laws, Members in Good Standing can resubmit nominations or submit further nominations for election to the Board of Directors provided these candidates meet the eligibility requirements set out in paragraph 9.3. Nominations must be tendered to the registered office of RCA as set out in paragraphs 11.7 and 11.8, and received by RCA in the proper form no later than 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting, August 21, 2018.  RCA shall include such nominations in the notice of meeting and on the ballot forms for the election.  August 21, 2018 is the final closing date for nominations and no nominations shall be accepted after that date.  Please refer to Section 11 of the RCA By-Laws and the RCA Board of Directors web page for more information on nominating a candidate. To submit a nominee for election, please download and submit a copy of the Candidate Nomination Form (word format) / Nomination Form (pdf).

After the final closing date for nominations, August 21, 2018, candidate information will be posted online in the 2018 Annual Meeting section of the RCA website

Online voting at the RCA Annual Meeting for the following agenda items by members in good standingwill begin at 12 noon PDT on August 31, 2018 and conclude at 12 noon PDT, September 19, 2018:

Please contact the RCA office if you have any questions by phone (1-877-722-4769 x2) or e-mail <>.

Thank you,

Andrew Lamont

Chair, RCA Nominating Committee

Call for Nominations


Deadline for Expressions of Interest - July 22, 2018

Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) is looking for skilled and dynamic leaders to join our team!  RCA is seeking nominations for individuals to fill three positions to be elected to the RCA Board of Directors at the 2018 Annual Meeting on September 20, 2018.

RCA is the national governing body for the sport of Rowing in Canada and is a registered Canadian charity. RCA serves a broad constituency of over 13,000 participants from over 153 member clubs and associations across the country and is proud to be one of Canada’s top performing Summer Olympic sports.

The RCA Nominating Committee is looking for people of diverse backgrounds who want to be actively involved and engaged in a dynamic organization.  This is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual who is passionate about RCA’s vision and has extensive experience with board or volunteer leadership.

Board Members will have achieved leadership stature in business, finance, government, philanthropy, or the non-profit sector and demonstrate a commitment to and understanding of RCA’s stakeholders and members. Board Members will have strong diplomatic skills and a natural affinity for cultivating relationships, convening, facilitating, and building consensus among diverse individuals, along with personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and a passion for improving the lives of RCA’s members and participants.

The current RCA Board consists of:

Carol Purcer, President
Tom Hawker, Treasurer and Director at Large
Peter McClelland, Athlete Director
Carol Hermansen, Provincial Director
Ian Gordon, Director at Large
Marisha Roman, Director at Large
Jennifer Walinga, Director at Large
*The following terms expire as of September 20, 2018:

  1. Director at Large, Tom Hawker
  2. Director at Large, Ian Gordon
  3. *Provincial Director, Carol Hermansen

(*Nominee is selected by the Provincial Advisory Council)

The Nominating Committee is tasked with recruiting a slate of qualified candidates for election for the above Director at Large positions. The initial slate of candidates put forward by the Nominating Committee will be published on August 6, 2018.

Following that date, further nominees may be put forward by members in good standing of RCA, provided they are received in the proper form by the RCA Office by August 21, 2018.  In addition to the qualifications described in the attached RCA Director Profile, the committee is seeking candidates for two Director-at-Large positions with any combination of one or more of the following competencies: 

  1. Public Relations, Media, Branding and Marketing- applicable to the not for profit business environment.
  2. Fundraising - including charitable sector philanthropy with professional or personal networks and ability to “open doors.”
  3. Finance - including governance, risk and control, stakeholder relationship management, strategy and innovation, leadership and management, non-profit corporate reporting, financial management, audit and assurance.


RCA Board Members meet in person approximately three times per year on weekends (typically Spring, Fall, and during the RCA National Conference in January) and at other times via conference call throughout the year.  Board Members can also serve as liaisons to RCA Committees and Working Groups and as such, provide leadership and guidance to these Committees on an ongoing basis. 

Term of Office:

Directors are elected for a term of two years commencing on the day immediately following the Annual Meeting. They may stand again for election at the end of their term.

Other Requirements:

Directors and Officers must fulfill all requirements of the Canada Corporations Act (or its successor legislation, the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act) and the Canada Revenue Agency’s requirements for Board Members of Registered Charities.

If you meet these requirements, offer some of the key competencies and you are interested in contributing your expertise to our progressive and innovative organization, please send a resume and statement of interest by July 22nd, 2018to Andrew Lamont, Chair RCA Nominating Committee at the address below.  Inquiries for more information about the RCA Board of Directors should also be directed to the Chair of the Nominating Committee at the address below, or to the President:

RCA Nominating Committee
Mailing Address:  321-4371 Interurban Road, Victoria, B.C. V9B 2C5
Phone:  1-877-722-4769 ext. 2


2018 Candidate for Election - Nomination Form  (Word) / Nomination Form (PDF)


RCA Board of Directors (2017)


Carol Purcer


Carol Purcer is a volunteer who is passionate about growing the sport of rowing.  Her involvement spans twenty years of volunteering as an RCA Umpire, committee member of a number of provincial and national committees and serving as a leader on the St. Catharines Rowing Club Recreational Rowing...Read more

Carol Hermansen

Provincial Director

Prior to her appointment to the RCA Board as Provincial Director, Carol was a member of the RCA Board as President of the Alberta Rowing Association and the RCA Provincial Relations Advisory Council. Carol has also served as President of the Calgary Rowing Club, Vice President of the Calgary...Read more

Ian Gordon


Ian Gordon is a two time Olympian and was on the National Rowing Team from 1970 to 1980. He later competed successfully as a masters rower at two FISA World Masters Championships and the prestigious Head of the Charles.

Recently retired, Mr. Gordon had a successful business career for...Read more

Jennifer Walinga


Dr. Jennifer Walinga, a professor and consultant based in Victoria BC, has enjoyed a successful and wide ranging career in sport and education. She began as a multi sport athlete and gradually focused on rowing under the fortunate tutelage of Carol Love.  A two-time Olympian in rowing, Walinga...Read more

Marisha Roman


Marisha Roman is a lawyer, adjudicator, workplace investigator and a competitive Masters rower with the Argonaut Rowing Club and the Toronto Sculling Club. She was appointed as an adjudicator with the Child and Family Services Review Board in 2016. She focuses her private practice on...Read more

Peter McClelland

Athlete Director

Peter’s  experience as a competitive rower over a decade culminated in being one of the travelling spares for the 2012 Olympics. He first began rowing as a novice at Western University, where he progressed to eventually become a provincial and national champion. He then moved on to the...Read more

Thomas (Tom) Hawker

Director (Treasurer)

Tom Hawker started rowing for recreation with his daughters  in 2002_ and has gone on to compete in local and international regattas.

Tom completed his economics degree at the University of Victoria, obtained his CA designation in 1983, and has been a partner with Field & Company...Read more