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Rowing Safety

Safety - stay with your boat!

Rowing is a safe sport when conducted with due consideration for the risks inherently associated with any outdoor water sport.  There is the risk of personal injury from collision and the risk of drowning when rowing participants find themselves in the water.  All risks are heightened in cold water.  While contending with difficult weather conditions is part of the sport, safe enjoyment of the sport is the aim.  Concern for personal safety must be paramount.  Each club is responsible for assessing the risks in its particular environment and in establishing the appropriate safety procedures to minimize those risks.  Each on-water participant of Rowing Canada Aviron is responsible for knowing and adhering to the Transport Canada regulations, especially those applicable to rowing.

To assist member clubs in designing safe rowing programs RCA has developed Safety Requirements and Safety Guidelines that can be downloaded.  The RCA  Weather Protocol can further assist clubs and regatta Organizing Committees to run programs and events safety.

The RCA Safety Video promotes and demonstrates safe practices for rowers and can be played online here: Play RCA Safety Video

Please see the Transport Canada Boating Safety Guide for additional safety information.

Informative, short videos on a wide ranging number of boating safety topics, e.g., inflatable PFDs, can be found at the Canadian Safe Boating Council’s Smart Boater site

RCA Safety and Events Committee

RCA’s safety guidelines and regatta sanction document are developed for RCA Board approval by the RCA Safety and Events Committee.  The current committee members are:

  • Mike Bagshawe 

  • Matteo Cendamo 

  • Lynda Dundas 

  • Tim Henderson

  • Jean-Christophe Marly

  • Andrew Smith

The SEC also reviews and reports on annually the Canadian National regattas. The Safety and Events Committee Terms of Reference.

For more information on rowing safety, please contact the RCA office: rca@rowingcanada.org