Masters rowing proves it’s never too late to get in a boat! Masters rowers row for life – with oarspeople from 27 years old to over 80 years old competing domestically and internationally. Competitions take place over a 1000-metre course in the summer and in fall head races, they can compete over distances of three to five miles. Competitive indoor rowing even has Masters age categories for you to check out.

At Masters regattas, rowers of different age groups will form crews with their age averaged out. At other regattas, younger crews can compete against older crews but be given a time handicap. Many Masters regattas also include mixed crew events where half of the crew are women and half are men. Whatever method is used, the racing is fair, exciting and fun!

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Canadian Masters Championships

The Canadian Masters Championships take place each year in July. This year’s Canadian Masters Championships will be hosted by the Regina Rowing Club in Regina, Saskatchewan from July 23 – 24. For more information, please click here.

Canadian rowing clubs and associations can bid to host the Canadian Masters Championships. If your club is interested in bidding, please contact the RCA office: