2018 Membership Model

In January 2017, Rowing Canada Aviron members voted in favour of a major shift in its Membership Model. These changes will take effect at the start of next year’s rowing season April 1st, 2018 and will affect members, event organizers and all regatta participants. 

This Membership Model streamlines the fee structure and registration process for members, clubs and event organizers, with one fee and one registration system. From highly competitive and occasional racers to recreational and first-time rowers, this Model establishes a balance for any rower in our community while continuing to deliver the expected high-level of service.

To review the initial report from January 2013, please click here and the report from the 2017 RCA Semi-Annual Meeting is posted here.

Information regarding registration for next season’s regattas:

  • All Canadian regattas will be hosted on RegattaCentral, including payment and registration, providing a consistent platform for Canadian events. Free access to this service is being provided on behalf of RCA to all event organizers.
  • Every Canadian rower registering next season will pay the base the membership fee of $20.
  • If a member then chooses to race in any sanctioned event (regatta, indoor rowing competition or touring event) in Canada, they will pay a seat fee of $3.25 per race event.
    • Rowers from outside of Canada registering in any Canadian regatta will pay the seat fee. They will, however, not pay a base fee.
    • This fee covers the development of event infrastructure including online registration and insurance and supports domestic programs like umpire education and training.
  • Fees related to Provincial Rowing Association and Clubs as well as regatta entry fees will still apply where in practice. 


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Important Updates & Tools and Tips - RegattaCentral - May 12, 2018


How to Set Up Electronic Funds Transfer
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How to Add New Event
How to Create Price Groups
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How to Provision Per Athlete Fee for Seat Fees
How to Submit Late Entries
How to View Your Invoice

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If you have questions regarding the Membership Model, please contact membership@rowingcanada.org


When will the change to the RCA Membership Model come into effect? What should I expect during the roll-over?

The new RCA Membership Model will come into effect April 1, 2018. There are no expected disruptions to clubs registering members at that time. Any planned interruptions to usage will be announced to all members by RCA. Clubs and event organizers will be able to contact RegattaCentral or RCA with any issues or questions.

How did RCA decide on the annual fee structure?

The fee structure was determined following thorough consideration of various options by the Committee including managing initial operating and development costs of the regatta system and establishing the fairest approach for participants. The Committee understands with regatta participation fluctuating year to year, it is likely fees will be re-examined to ensure they remain fair to all members.

It was crucial for RCA to find a balance between a Base Fee and a Seat Fee that would cover operating costs and be suitable for all RCA members. Under the new structure, each RCA member will pay an annual Base Fee of $20 – this is now a single membership fee compared to the two fees (sport and competitive) paid under the previous model. Along with the Base Fee, RCA is introducing a Seat Fee – for each race a member competes in, there will be a $3.25 fee.

Why a Seat Fee rather than a Regatta Fee?

Both from an operational and financial perspective, a Seat Fee is the fairest approach for members, event organizers and RCA. A Seat Fee:

  • Minimizes development costs by using the established RegattaCentral structure
  • Reduces the potential of complications for regatta organizers in the cases of cancellations and refunds
  • Allows for members to pay for the regatta services they use – a “pay-as-you-row” approach

How was RegattaCentral chosen to be the online regatta management service?

In December 2015, RCA issued a Request for Expressions of Interest to companies capable of providing a regatta registration system. Through this process, RegattaCentral was selected as the company that offered the best quality, value, service and capacity to support both RCA’s system needs and the needs of event organizers.

As of April 1, 2018, all event organizers in Canada will use RegattaCentral to set up their event and accept registrations. Events will include all level of regattas (local, national), indoor rowing events, club programs including Come and Try events. Through RCA, this registrations system will provide free access to a well-established system for event organizers and a consistent registration platform for members.

What if regatta organizers already use another system to manage progressions and race results? How will they be accommodated?

This has already been considered in RCA’s use of RegattaCentral. Custom applications including Regatta Master have been included in the development costs to content RegattaCentral’s event registration system to race results, timing systems and third party applications.