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Event Sanctioning

Running a Regatta in Canada

2018 Sanctioning Application

Go to https://membership.rowingcanada.org
Login to your account – My Account page
Click Propose an Event (select the type of event: Regatta, Indoor Event, Tour or Come and Try)
Complete the Form and click Save (if you want to go back in and make changes) or Submit (if you are satisfied with the form)
Saved or submitted forms are located under My Account / Proposed Events 

RCA Rules of Racing - Rule 3.5 Quick Release Foot Stretchers

After an event, the Chief Umpire Report must be filled out. Instructions on filling the report out can be found here. 

Safety, fairness and fun!

To ensure that rowing regattas in Canada are run safely and fairly and that the sport of rowing is presented well, Rowing Canada Aviron has an Event Sanction Policy.  Under the policy, RCA must grant sanction before any regatta can be held. Regattas that are run without sanction are not covered under RCA's liability insurance policy and RCA umpires are not to umpire at non-sanctioned events.
 An approved regatta sanction application is required for all regattas (except internal club meets and interclub training and selection sessions) from the provincial rowing association in which the regatta is to be staged. In granting sanction, the provincial rowing association is acting on RCA's behalf.

For events designated as Canadian National Regattas, provincial approval is required and then approval by RCA's Safety and Events Committee is needed before sanction is awarded.
 The Safety and Events Committee has developed informative documents that outline the sanction procedure, regatta hosting requirements and the application process. The application form, checklist and report forms are on PDF documents that can be filled in to make the process as straightforward as possible.
 The forms are also customized for each provincial association. When you have completed filling out the form, clicking on the top right corner of the first page will automatically send it to the individual in the province who processes sanction applications. The customized forms can be downloaded from your provincial rowing association's Web site or by contacting your PRA office.

RCA has developed information relevant to the completion of the Event Checklist for Regattas available here. In addition, there is also information relevant to the completion of the Touring Sanction Application available here. If you have any further questions when completing the application forms, you are asked to contact your provincial office. General questions about regatta sanction can be directed to the RCA office: rca@rowingcanada.org.

For practical information on running a regatta, see our Regatta Manual, found here in pdf format.