Get Rowing!

Getting started in rowing is easier than you think! You can start at any age, learn quickly and enjoy the experience of rowing at your home club, in competitive regattas or on tours around the world.

With over 140 clubs to choose from in Canada, the first step is to find a club close to you. When you first contact a rowing club, you’ll be able to ask them about what your first rowing experience will be like, what type of programs are offered, what to wear on your first row and any other questions that are important to you. We recommend starting with your local club's Learn to Row program. This will help you explore your motivations and goals for rowing. Learn to Row programs introduce you to all aspects of the sport and give you a sample of what rowing will offer as you continue. These programs may take place every day over a one- or two-week period, or may be once a week for eight weeks. Regardless of how it’s scheduled, at the end of a Learn to Row program, you will have a good grasp of the rowing experience.  

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