Proposal for a New RCA Membership Model

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In January 2013, following the RCA Annual General Meeting, a Membership Category Review Working Group was formed to deal with membership structure concerns that were raised at that meeting.  The Working Group over the last two years has conducted a thorough review, consulted with the rowing community and brought a preliminary proposal to last year’s Semi-Annual Meeting that was endorsed by the RCA Members.  With this endorsement, the Working Group set out this past year to finalize the details and costs related to the implementation of this proposal.  It is this information that has shaped thefinal report that is presented here for your review and feedback.
The report can be accessed by clicking on the following link: Proposal - New RCA Membership Model
Please take the time to review this report and provide the Membership Category Review Working Group with your feedback on the following survey by December 2nd, 2016 This feedback will be considered in the preparation of the final recommendations to be presented to the Members for voting purposes at the January 2017 Semi-Annual Meeting.

If you have questions regarding this proposal, please check our website Q & A below or feel free to contact one of our Working Group Members:  
Marla Weston  
Jennifer Fitzpatrick
Derek Ventnor 
George Barkwell
Brian Lamb      
Donna Atkinson