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BURNABY, BC, Sunday, September 25, 2016 – The 2016 RCA National Rowing Championships – Canada Cup (NRC-CC), hosted by Rowing BC, finished at Burnaby Lake with over 200 athletes competing from across Canada. The regatta ran from Thursday, September 22nd to Sunday, September 25th.

In addition to the National Rowing Championships which saw athletes from each of the 10 provinces compete, the Canada Cup was renewed taking on a streamlined format.

For full list of results, please see Regatta Central.

National Rowing Championships Results

Junior Women’s Single Sculls
Emma Gray (Manitoba) – Gold
Marilou Duvernay Tardif (Quebec) – Silver
Grace VandenBroek (Ontario) – Bronze

Under-23 Women’s Single Sculls
Emma Gray (Manitoba) – Gold
Layla Balooch (British Columbia) – Silver
Rachel Vukovich (British Columbia) – Bronze

Women’s Single Sculls
Andrea Proske (British Columbia) – Gold
Emma Gray (Manitoba) – Silver
Layla Balooch (British Columbia) – Bronze

Under-23 Lightweight Women’s Single Sculls
Carly Zanatta (Ontario) – Gold
Jenny Casson (Ontario) – Silver
Jessica Bateman (British Columbia) – Bronze

Lightweight Women’s Single Sculls
Kate Sauks (British Columbia) – Gold
Trish Mara (British Columbia) – Silver
Carly Zanatta (Ontario) – Bronze

Trunk and Arms Women’s Single Sculls
Peggy Assinck (British Columbia) – Gold

Junior Men’s Single Sculls
Ethan McAlpine (Ontario) – Gold
Nicholas Everett (Ontario) – Silver
Ty Adams (British Columbia) – Bronze

Under-23/Senior Men’s Single Sculls
Trevor Jones (Ontario) – Gold
Graham Peeters (Ontario) – Silver
Karl Zimmerman (Ontario) – Bronze

Under-23 Lightweight Men’s Single Sculls
Patrick Keane (British Columbia) – Gold
Alexander Watson (Ontario) – Silver
Marcus Vandersande (British Columbia) – Bronze

Lightweight Men’s Single Sculls
Maxwell Lattimer (British Columbia) – Gold
Mark Henry (Ontario) – Silver
Joshua King (Ontario) – Bronze

Arms and Shoulders Men’s Single Sculls
Paul Finkbeiner (British Columbia) – Gold

Junior Women’s Pair
Gillian Cross and Hayley Watt (Ontario) – Gold
Alexandra Wright and Amanda Caromicoli (Ontario) – Silver
Piper Battersby and Emma Gribbon (British Columbia) – Bronze

Under-23 Women’s Pair
Hillary Janssens (British Columbia) and Nicole Hare (Alberta) – Gold
Jessica Stewart and Morgan Cathrea (British Columbia) – Silver
D’Arcy Arends (Ontario) and Marilyse Dubois (Quebec) – Bronze

Women’s Pair
Hillary Janssens (British Columbia) and Nicole Hare (Alberta) – Gold
Lisa Roman and Kristin Bauder (Ontario) – Silver
Jessie Loutit and Amelie Schumacher (Alberta) – Bronze

Junior Men’s Pair
Liam Keane and Isaac Donaldson (British Columbia) – Gold
Lion Tautz and Peter Landcashire (British Columbia) – Silver
Benjamin Walls and Peter MaxSween (Nova Scotia) – Bronze

Under-23 Men’s Pair
Mackenzie Copp (Ontario) and Lucas De Gelder (Quebec) – Gold
Mark Davies and Adam Donaldson (British Columbia) – Silver
Luke Gadsdon and Hunter Amesbury (Ontario) – Bronze)

Men’s Pair
Ben De Wit (British Columbia) and Andrew Stewart-Jones (Quebec) – Gold
Martin Barakso (British Columbia) and David DeGroot (Ontario) – Silver
Mackenzie Copp (Ontario) and Lucas De Gelder (Quebec) – Bronze

RCA NRA Provincial Points Challenge Efficiency Award
Manitoba Rowing Association

RCA NRCA Provincial Points Challenge Grand Champion

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